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Can Bio-Synthesis make NED, VIC, PET, Liz labelled primers?

Yes,  these dyes are often used for sequencing or fragment analysis, but other long-wavelength dyes do not perform well in fragment analyzers, such as the ABI 3730 series.  These types of instruments use a single wavelength (488 nm) for excitation which poorly excites red-shifted dyes. Applied Biosystems circumvents this problem by partnering red dyes such as NED with a FAM dye in a FRET construct. We recommend customers source these dyes from Life Technologies.   Bio-Synthesis offers replacement dyesVIC, Ned or PET dyes in the set (eg FAM, TET, HEX). Bio-Syntehsis also offers TAMRA and other dyes which can be used on some genotyping instruments. We can also make oligos with dyes that have very similar characteristics to VIC.

  • Yakima Yellow™ was developed by Epoch Biosciences to offer researchers an alternative to VIC. It possesses an absorbance maximum of 526nm and an emission maximum of 548nm, is ideally suited to be used as a matched fluorophore in any detection system that involves FRET, and works excellent with The Black Hole Quenchers offered by Bio-Synthesis. 
  • CAL Fluor® Dyes produce by Biosearch, is another dye can be use to replace VIC. Recently issued a patent for its CAL Fluor® dyes, Biosearch Technologies introduced this series of vibrant dyes for real-time qPCR as lower-cost, superior performing replacements for many commonly used fluorophores. Their emission maxima range from 500 nm to 640 nm, which make them ideal fluorophores for multiplexed qPCR. They are excellent replacement fluorophores for VIC, TET, HEX, JOE, TAMRA, Texas Red®, LC Red 640® dyes
  • Atto Fluor Seris developed by Atto Tec which offer researchers an alternative to Ned, Pet, and Liz

Dye and Replacement Abs Em.
(nm) (nm)
Vic 538 554
Hex 535 556
MAX550 531 560
Alexa 532 532 554
JOE 520 555
Cal Fluor Gold 540 522 544
Yakima Yellow 526 548
Cal Fluor Orange 560 538 559
Ned 553 575
CY3 550 570
Alexa546 546 573
TAMRA 544 583
DY 549 554 566
ATTO 550 554 579
Pet 558 595
ATTO 565 563 592
Liz 638 655
ATTO 633 629 657