Do you offer duplex stabilization base?

Bio-Synthesis offer several duplex stabilization modified base. Thease base can be incorporate during synthesis at any position within an oligonucleotide. These duplex enhancing base are:

BNA (Bridged Nucleic Acid)
BNA can be incorporate at any position within an oligonucleotides, this 3rd generation bridge-nucleic acid is a compound containing a six-member ring with N-O linkage. BNA base was found to possess high binding affinity against RNA complement, and strong selectivity.  See BNA oligonucleotide synthesis.
5 Propyne derivatives and G-clamp

Subsitution of C-5 propynyl-dC (pdC) for dC and C-5 propynyl-dU (pdU) for dT are use to enhance base pairing. Using these base substitutions, duplex stability and melting temperatures are raised by the following amounts: C-5 propynyl-C 2.8° per substitution; C-5 propynyl-U 1.7° per substitution. AP-dC (G-clamp) substitutes for dC and is another very important modified nucleoside that enhances hybridization by 7-21° per substitution depending upon the sequence and location of the AP-dC. The ability of these modified bases to enhance binding while maintaining specificity has proven useful in antisense research and in the synthesis of high affinity probes. AP-dC is also a fluorescent nucleoside and should find uses in DNA structural research.

5-Me-dC, Ac-5-Me-dC, 2-amino-dA

C-5 methyl pyrimidine nucleosides are known to stabilize duplexes relative to the non-methylated bases. Therefore, enhanced binding can be achieved using 5-methyl-dC in place of dC, duplex melting temperature being increased by 1.3°.

Substitute A base with 2-amino-A can significantly increase primer and probe affinity. @-amion A slo destabilizes A-G wobble mismatches, thus increasing specificity.

N4-Et-dC, N4-Ac-N4-Et-dC, N6-Me-dA, N6-Ac-N6-Me-dA

These N4-ethyl analogue hybridizes specifically to natural dG but the stability of these base pair is reduced to about the level of an AT base pair. Incorporation of these base is highly useful with sequence containing high GC content.