Can BSI synthesize circular oligonucleotides


Biosynthesis Inc. (BSI) now offers custom synthesis for single stranded circular oligonuclotides, both for single stranded circular DNA (circDNA) and circular RNA (circRNA).

BSI now offers the custom synthesis of single-stranded circular oligo nucleotides using chemical solid phase, solution phase and enzymatic synthesis methods. Small circular single-stranded oligonucleotides (<28 base pairs {bp}) can be chemically synthesized using solution and solid-phase methods from partially protected linear precursor molecules whereas longer circular oligos (>28 bp) are relatively easy to synthesize by both methods, chemical and enzymatic. The chemical circularization of linear oligonucleotides can be achieved using cyanogens bromide (BrCN) or the carbodiimide cross-linker 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC) together with a template functioning as a bridge. In addition, small circular oligonucleotides, for example containing 28 to 50 bp, are readily synthesized using a single precursor segment. However, large-sized circles, containing more than 50 bp, can be prepared utilizing two or three smaller precursor oligonucleotide segments.  In addition to chemical circularization methods, enzymatic ligation offers alternative approaches for the preparation of circular oligonucleotides.

Both, single-stranded circular oligonucleotides –
circDNA and circRNA -
can be custom synthesized!


Frequently asked questions are:

Q1:  What size ranges of circular oligonucleotides can be synthesized?

A1:  BSI offers the custom synthesis of circular oligonucleotides, both ssDNA or ssRNA in the sizes ranging from 30 to 150 base pairs (bp).


Q2:  Does BSI offer the synthesis of double stranded circular DNA and RNAs.

A2:  No, not at this point.


Q3:  What quantities can be synthesized?

A:   BSI can deliver 2-5 ugs of synthetic circular oligonucleotides.


Q4: Are these circular oligonucleotides custom made?

A4: Yes. BSI customers can provide us with the desired sequence and BSI scientists will redesign and synthesize the final products.


Q5: Can BSI synthesize modified circular DNA (circDNA) and/or circular RNA (circRNA)?

A5:  Yes. BSI can synthesize circDNA or circRNA as well as modified circDNA or circRNA.


Q6: How are circDNA and circRNA purified ?

A6: Usually circDNAs and circRNAs are purified using PAGE or HPLC.


Q7: How are circDNA and circRNA QCed?

A7:  QC of synthetic single-stranded circular oligonucleotides is regularly done by PAGE, analytical HPLC or MALDI-TOF-MS.