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Can you provide 5' capped oligos?

We provide several way to cap an oligo.
  • 5' Triphosphate cap (5'-Triphosphate RNA, 5'-PPP RNA)
  • Guanosine-triphosphate Cap (5' Gppp)
  • 5' N7-methylguanosine-triphosphate Cap (5' N7-MeGppp, 7mGppp, mRNA Cap)
  • 5' Adenylated (rApp, 5' Adenylation)

Capped RNA oligonucleotides obtained by chemical synthesis have several advantage over capped RNAs generated by in vitro transcription. 5' capped oligos via chemical synthesis can be:

  • Scalable, robust and reproducible
  • Modified chemically at 5' position
  • Deliver purified
  • QC by mass spectromettry, anion-exchange HPLC, reverse phase HPLC and PAGE
These oligonucleotide triphosphates have been investigated as diagnostic and therapeutic agents for many degenerative disorders, including malignant tumors, viral infections, and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, they have received formidable attention is some areas such as:
  • Triphosphate modified RNA, as antivirus agent by stimulate the immunoreceptor RIG-I and protect mice from influenza in vivo.
  • RNA triphosphates are used in the synthesis of long RNA oligos using RNA ligation.
  • RNA oligos with a triphosphate group at the 5' end induce anti-viral immunity via TLR-independent pathways.
  • 5' triphosphate RNA are important in the enzymatic synthesis of m7G-5'-capped RNAs.
  • This process protects the mRNA and is important for translation.
  • Triphosphate modified DNA can be used as a substrate for the preparation of synthetic genes.
5' Triphosphate Cap (5’-Triphosphate RNA, 5‘-ppp RNA)

5' Triphosphate Cap RNA
Triphosphate RNA oligos  purification and are not compatible with free amine modifications. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

Gunosine-triphosphate Cap (5' Gppp)

Gunosine-triphosphate cap 5' Gppp

5' N7-methylguanosine-triphosphate Cap (5' N7-MeGppp, 7mGppp, mRNA Cap)

m7Gppp, N7-MeGPPP, mRNA Cap
5' Adenylated (rApp, 5' Adenylation)

5' Adenylation RNA Cap Adenylated rApp