What is PAGE oligonucleotide purification? and When should I select PAGE?

Polyacrylamide gel eletrophoresis, PAGE oligonucleotide purification method is a separation method base on charge and hydrodynamic properties. Due to precise gel separtion, the oligonucleotide purification using PAGE method often leads to highest purity levels of 95-99% full-length oligo products. This method can be use for any length of oligo particulary for long oligos around 50 bases and above. Due to the complex procedure in extracting oligos from the gel and removal of vast majroity of truncated sedquences, PAGE oligonucleotide purification oftern result in lower yields thant from other methods. Bio-Synthesis recommend oligo PAGE purification for long unmodified oligos, and oligo used in cloning adapters, gel shift assays, gene syntehsis, site-directed mutagenesis, cDNA synthesis for libraray, isothermal sequencing, GENETRAPPER® Screening, or PCR using oligos with critical 5' sequencing (e.g., restriction endonuclease sites, RNA polymerase promoters).