Bio-Synthesis Terms and Conditions


Bio-Synthesis warrants to the original purchaser that our products/services sold meet the specifications provided with shipped products and are free from material defects. Our warranty is void when our products/services are altered in anyway by personnel other than Bio-Synthesis employees and is also void when the products are handled in a manner contrary to instructions included in product documentation.  Bio-Synthesis is not responsible for patent infringement or any other violations that may occur with the use of our products.  Bio-Synthesis makes no warranty of our product’s suitability for any purchaser’s particular use; suitability for use must be determined by the purchaser or user of the products. Any and all other warranties, expressed or implied are disclaimed to the fullest extent allowed by law. Purchaser’s sole cure under the above warranty shall be replacement of the product/service, a credit toward future purchases of Bio-Synthesis products or, at Bio-Synthesis sole discretion, a refund of the purchase price of the product.

Estimated Delivery:

Delivery time, as estimated, does not reflect any purification difficulties, if so encountered.  Please be assured that BSI will do everything possible to deliver within the specified time frame.  However, every project is unique and therefore subject to minor synthesis and/or purification delays.  The actual delivery might be earlier or later than estimated delivery time.  We deliver earlier in most cases.  Delays in delivery will be communicated to the customer.

Partial Shipments:

In rare situations, the first round of synthesis and purification methods used may not yield the full quantity or desired purity.  To help minimize research delays, BSI’s policy is to provide a partial shipment with the remaining balance to follow as soon as possible. Only one shipping charge will apply per project, regardless of the amount of partial shipments, unless multiple shipments are requested.  BSI must be notified at the time of order placement if the client prefers to have the order held until it is complete rather than receive partial shipments.

Shipment Conditions: 

Unless requested otherwise by the client, most lyophilized compounds will ship at room temperature and all serum will ship with ice.   

Solubility & Yield Disclaimer:

Projects which are insoluble in water or organic solvents will not be purifiable. In this case, we will ship the crude product and charge for crude synthesis only. BSI reserves the right to prorate down the price if we are unable to get the full yield.

Cancellation Policy:

In general, a project is initiated the same day the order is placed with BSI.  A cancellation fee will apply to all projects cancelled after synthesis has been initiated.  This fee will depend upon the particular project and portion of the project completed prior to cancellation.  Our production methods are based on over 25 years of experience, which allow us to supply very high quality products within a short turnaround. However, there can be no guarantees. BSI reserves the right to cancel an order at any time if we feel that a product is not forthcoming.

Terms (Domestic and Current International Customers):

Net 30 Days.  Please reference this quotation when placing an order.  All orders must be accompanied by a purchase order (or credit card number) and approval of the quotation.

Terms (New International Customers): 

BSI must receive payment in full prior to shipping any products to first time international clients.  Payment terms for subsequent orders can be negotiated with BSI’s controller.

Use Restrictions: 

Products manufactured and sold by BSI for the customer’s research purposes only.  Resale of BSI products requires the express written consent of BSI, unless pursuant to a separate signed agreement by authorized BSI officials.  BSI products are not sold for (and have not been approved) for use in any clinical, diagnostic or therapeutic applications.  Obtaining license or approval to use BSI products in proprietary applications or in any non-research (clinical) applications is the customer’s exclusive responsibility.  BSI will not be responsible or liable for any losses, costs, expenses, or other forms of liability arising out of the unauthorized or unlicensed use of BSI products.  Purchases of BSI products shall indemnify and hold BSI harmless for any and all damages and/or liability, however characterized, related to the unauthorized or unlicensed use of BSI products. Under no circumstances shall BSI be liable for any consequential damages, resulting from any use (approved or otherwise) of BSI products.  All orders received by BSI products, and all sales of BSI, are made subject to the aforementioned use restrictions and customer indemnification of BSI.

By placing an order with Bio-Synthesis, the client will be deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the above Terms and Conditions.
For any questions, please contact Bio-Synthesis. We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your research goals.