When to use PAGE purification?

PAGE purification is ideal for application requiring only small amount of material.  The method is relatively fast and yields single-band material. this is the only method suitable for purifying long oligonucleotides.

We recommend PAGE purification for all DNA sequencing primers, DNA oligonucletoide longer than 40 bases, all RNA sequences, an d any 5'-end labeled oligonucleotides where the presence of a 5'-unlabeled impurity may be an issue.

  Small PAGE gel Large PAGE Gel
Recommended synthesis scales 50 nmol 200 or 1000 nmol
Gel capacity, crude material 5-10 ODU 15-20 ODU
*Approximate yield of purified product

1-3 ODU 34-100 µg

3-6 ODU 100 - 200 µg
Number of gels per synthesis 1 gel/50 nmol synthesis 2-3 gels/200 nmol scale synthesis and 5-6 gels/1000 nmol scale synthesis

* Yield depends on oligo length and complexity