How are bioconjugations performed at BioSynthesis?

How are bioconjugations performed at BioSynthesis Inc. (BSI)?


During bioconjugation reactions, our scientists at BSI try to avoid the use of procedures that alter the conformational or cyclic nature of sugars, carbohydrates, oligonucleotides as well as of proteins and peptides. While somewhat more complicated, these methods allow delivery of conjugates in which sugars, or other conjugated moieties, are present as they are found naturally in the mammalian body.

Our conjugation methods are designed to prevent the creation of derivatives or wrong conformations that 
could be physiologically non-functional. The chemical conjugation approach selected depends on the molecule selected for conjugation. For optimal conjugation strategies, our scientists select functional groups that allow chemical modifications without altering the overall structure of the compounds to be conjugated. In addition, conjugation method or procedures that destroy the native characteristics of the compounds used for conjugation will be avoided.